Rental Property Management

We act as Owners

Real Estate is our passion and ultimately the reason why we are in business.  When our business initially started, our first focus was in traditional rentals.  Over the past decade, we have transitioned from a small residential housing portfolio and diversified to commercial, student housing, and a large residential portfolio. Currently, we have strong roots in residential housing in Coles County, and we are a leader in student housing in Charleston, Illinois. In addition, we represent 6 additional counties with nearly 800 rental units under our management. Our team is constantly seeking innovative ways to better serve our tenants and owners in order to enhance the Apex experience in all aspects.

We believe in a full-service property management platform where we act as the owner. With this, the tenants can be assured from day one that we are in control and will assist them in any way possible.  We have a phenomenal team that takes pride in their work and wants nothing more than to help.  We value each other and know that a business cannot be successful without each of them.   As far as the owner is concerned, the financial benefit will still be achieved without the day-to-day work load. Our team will perform all marketing, leasing, maintenance, and accounting to provide all owners with the proper tools to increase their investment portfolio.

One of the largest benefits of utilizing a management company is that we take every situation to heart.  Each of our owners are receiving the knowledge that has been passed along from all of the owners utilizing the same company.  We continue to strive to be the best with our procedures and methods. However, if you look at “Our Company” you will see young faces. Therefore, we appreciate any and all thoughts that our owners pass along as it is valuable information and can be beneficial to the next owner.  We strive to think “outside of the box” and be creative in our marketing, keep up with the technology changes, and be innovative with our processes.  With our continuous research in keeping your investment successful, we spend a tremendous amount of time working to make your investment more successful than it was when you handed us your keys.  Charlie “Tremendous” Jones once said, “You will be the same person in five years as you are today, except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

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